Turret Base for Ajax TurretCam


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Sturdy Construction: Made entirely of metal for durability.

Cable Management: Offers ample space with three exit points for ultimate flexibility in cable management.

Versatile Mounting: Features multiple screw points to accommodate different sized cameras, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

Weatherproof: Waterproof design for reliable outdoor use in any weather condition.

Colour Options: Available in black or white to match or complement your camera and exterior décor.

Perfect Fit for TurretCam: Designed to fit like a glove, making it an ideal base for early Ajax Systems testers or those with a TurretCam on pre-order.

The Satsecure Exclusive Turret Base is the ideal foundation for securing your TurretCam, whether you're among the early Ajax Systems testers or eagerly awaiting your pre-order. Constructed entirely of robust metal, this base is built to last, providing a secure and stable platform for your camera. It has been thoughtfully designed with three cable exit points, offering exceptional flexibility in managing cables and ensuring a neat and organised setup.

Adaptability is at the core of this turret base, featuring multiple screw points to accommodate a range of camera sizes. This versatility ensures that your camera, regardless of its dimensions, can be easily and securely mounted. Furthermore, its waterproof construction guarantees that the base is fully equipped to withstand the elements, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Available in both black and white, the Ajax Turret Base offers you the option to choose the best match for your camera or outdoor aesthetics. Whether you're looking to switch things up or require a dependable base for your TurretCam, this exclusive offering from Satsecure provides the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and style.

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