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MotionProtect Curtain — motion Detector with a long distance Range and Narrow protective screen. Curtain Detector Effectively protects the property from Intruders and works as soon as a burglar enters the protected Area. Can be used Outdoors and Indoors. MotionProtect Curtain will prevent Intruders from entering in your backyard unnoticed. If the burglar tries to climb over the fence, the Detector will raise the Alarm. At the same time, your family and Pets can move freely on site. It is important to be aware of the possibility of the invasion as soon as possible. MotionProtect Curtain Detector will not allow burglars to quietly get close to doors or Windows or enter the terrace, even if the Area is not fenced. Apartments on the first and last floors are being often penetrated through Windows and Balconies. The MotionProtect Curtain Detector located on the facade will raise the Alarm before the thief enters the premises. Indoors MotionProtect Curtain can be installed horizontally, upside down or at the angle. The Sensor will monitor all access paths around the clock without reacting on people inside. In the premises with Curtain Detector installed, you can move freely. but if you reach out to the protected item, the Alarm will trigger.

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