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Ajax DoorProtect Plus - Universal window and door opening detector with shock sensor

Thanks to miniature high-end sensors and wireless communication, Ajax DoorProtect enables the security of windows and doors on several floors of the building.


Maximum performance:
Jeweller wireless technology enables communication with the Ajax Hub up to a distance of 1,000 m in open space or over several floors of a high-rise building.
Built-in accelerometer to detect vibrations, shocks and angle of inclination to the ground.
NC contact for connecting an external detector.

Protection against failure and sabotage:
Authentication for protection against intrusion.
The detector cover is protected against sabotage.
Adjustable inspection interval for connected components from 12 to 300 seconds.
Equipped with interference detection and suppression systems for maximum protection of the system against intrusion.
Encrypted communication.

Flawless operation:
Reliable high-end reed contact made in the UK with more than 1,000,000 switching cycles without failure.
Energy savings due to automatic regulation of transmission power depending on the distance from the Ajax Hub.
Two-way communication with Ajax Hub for easy testing and setup.
Battery life up to 5 years.

Easy installation on a professional level:
Installation with a SmartBracket without the need to remove the detector cover.
Detection zones and connection quality can be tested remotely via a mobile application.
The strong magnet enables reliable detection of opening up to a distance of 20 millimeters.

Technological gem:
Miniature dimensions and strong magnet enable protection of all types of windows and doors.

Technical specification:

Detector type: Wireless
Detection element: Reed contact, magnet, accelerometer
Application: Indoor
Mounting: Surface
Detection distance: Up to 10 mm (smaller magnet), 20 mm (larger magnet)
Alarm tilt: Min. 5 ° and more (adjustable)
Shock detection sensitivity: Adjustable (3 levels)
First shock ignore function: Yes
External detector connection: Yes (1x NC contact)
Radio signal power: 8.76 dBm / 7.52 mW (max. 20 mW)
Communication protocol: Jeweller (868.0 - 868.6 MHz)
Radio signal range: Up to 1,200 m (in open space)
Power supply: 1x battery CR123A 3 V DC
Battery life: Up to 5 years
Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ +50 ° C
Operating humidity: Up to 80%
Dimensions: 90 x 20 mm
Weight: 29 g
Security level: 2 - low to medium risk
Environmental class: I. - indoor

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