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  • Installation height (PIR only): 3 m (9.8 ft.).
  • Wide angle detection coverage (PIR only): 15 m (49 ft).
  • Wide angle detection coverage (PIR with PET): 12 m (39 ft).
  • Night-vision IR motion detection.
  • Pet Immunity technology, for animals up to 45 kg (99 lbs).
  • Supervised transmission: 0—255 minutes.
  • Sleep mode during disarming for battery conservation.
  • PIR sensitivity: low, high.
  • Alarm delay: 1—30 minutes.
  • Digital Adaptive Temperature Compensation.
  • Two CR123 3V Lithium batteries.
  • Operating temperature: -10—55°C (14—131°F).
  • Storage temperature: -20—60°C (-4—140°F)

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