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Systemline A-Series and E-Series Pro & Self Installation

Not all installed products fall in to the Custom category. Some are very much plug n play products that can be professionally or personally installed. No specialist training, set-up or programming is required. We refer to this as our "i" category.

Systemline A-Series Installation

A-Series Installation

A stands for “AirWay” as these products are most likely to be used with one or other of the most popular digital network wireless receivers. These are capable of accessing your own music library, be it stored locally or in the cloud, or music-on-demand services from a number of providers. AirWay provides the wiring, amplification and speaker system backbone for delivery of a digital music service in to one or more rooms. Your customer may want to change their Network Wireless Receiver in the future, for a different or upgraded model, in which case, simply un-plug and swap out.

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Systemline E-Series Installation

E-Series Installation

E is for Elegance, which E200 unquestionably is. It is purpose designed to bring the look, feel and performance of a CI product into the kitchen, but in an affordable plug n play and simple to install form. The only surprising thing about this product is that it has not been done before. The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home and consequently deserves a sound system worthy of that accolade. No clutter, high performance and simple elegance. Every kitchen should have one. Also ideal for bedrooms including hotel bedrooms, for which there is a special version.

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